Round Brushed Stainless Steel Door Handle


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$5,499.00  36” x 80” Swing Type Hinges

$8,299.00  48” x 96” Pivot Type hinges

$1,699.00  Glass Door Lite


A Metal Front Door made by Modern Steel Doors is truly unique. Most architectural statements are bold and visually loud. However, these Metal Front Doors provide an understated composition.  This simple design, in addition to the minimalistic jamb, results in a nearly “Flush” door panel and jamb detail. The face of the door panel sits only a quarter of an inch from the face of the jamb.  Only the strength and stability of steel doors can result in such a specification.

When selecting door pulls, there are two options.  For a visually “Quieter” door, please consider selecting the Round Powder Coated Door Pulls.  In this case, the pulls will be powder coated the same color as the door. The net result are pulls that disappear into the background that is the door panel.  As visitors approach, the door will become more interesting as the pulls will begin to make themselves apparent. 

However, if you are seeking to create a canvas with the door panel, please select the Round Brushed Stainless Steel Pulls.  The Round Brushed Stainless Steel Door Pulls will serve as the perfect complement to the dark background that is the powder-coated door panel. In the end, the final aesthetic will translate into timeless modernism.  Clean and simple materials alongside long straight lines.

Would you like to create an architectural detail within the panel?  How about the ability to view outward or allow ambient light in? If this is the case, please consider adding a door lite.  Adding a door lite will create an interesting asymmetrical accent that will draw visitors inward. In combination with specifying Clear Low E Glass, this will allow for visibility through the door from both the interior and exterior.  Selecting Frosted glass for the lite will result in ambient light and privacy. In the evening, and while interior lights are powered, there will be an impressive exterior aesthetic as the glass will be backlit. From transactional to extreme modernism, the Modern Steel Doors Metal Front Door is the perfect selection for any home.

Online Purchase Process

  1. A 50% deposit will initiate your order and the balance will be due upon completion.
  2. We will help you to select from the choices and upgrades listed below:
    • Included Choices for The Illustrated and Priced Doors
      • Size & Hinge Type:  48” x 96” Pivot or 36” x 80” Swing
      • Handing:  Left, Right, Left Reverse, or Right Reverse
      • Finish:  Choice
      • Lock:  Satin Black or Satin Nickel Baldwin Mechanical Deadbolt
      • Glass:  Performance Low E or Frosted
      • Threshold Height:  1/2” (no floor covering) or 1″ (up to 3/4″ floor covering)
    • Common Upgrades
      • Different Design
      • Custom Size
      • Sidelight(s)
      • Smart Lock
      • Door Pulls

Custom Purchase Process

  1. Your personal front door specialist will guide you each step of the way.
  2. The first step is to find the door design you like and then talk it over with your front door specialist.
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