48″ Round Brushed Stainless Steel Door Handle


Sleek and posh, the Round Brushed Stainless Steel Door Handle is a simple luxury. This reflective and high-shine door handle is brushed to perfection. Smooth and cold in the hand, our Round Brushed Stainless Hardware leaves a memorable impression on every user. Its illuminating effect draws attention toward the home entryway and creates a focal point. Simple, yet powerful, the Round Brushed Stainless Steel Door Handle elevates every front door. Create contrast with a dark-toned door or add even more brightness to a light-toned door.



Stainless steel is sought for its premium look and functionality. Its reflective surface is striking to the eye and creates a radiant glow. The Round Brushed Stainless Steel Door Handle is a simple and sophisticated hardware option. Premium quality materials make this simple design unforgettable.

Luxury door hardware is for stunning homes that want to make a statement. First impressions begin at the front door. The front door is where hands are shaken and greetings are exchanged. Make this moment experiential and memorable for every visitor to your home. The front door pull is where guests reach out and embrace the home for the first time. 

The Brushed Stainless Door Handle is extremely versatile. Hardware that works in many settings is guaranteed success. This door pull reflects light in a soft and blurred diffusion. Moreover, its surface creates contrast with its surroundings. This contrast can be either abrupt or subtle depending on surrounding colors and materials. For example, darker shades of wood or metal make this door pull especially pop by creating a stark contrast. Comparatively, light-toned wood or glass front doors complement similar tones in the stainless steel. The Round Brushed Stainless Steel Door Handle is part of our Brushed Stainless Collection.

Whether it be a remodel or new construction, designer hardware is a pivotal detail to consider. Having a role beyond sheer functionality, front door hardware has aesthetic responsibility. The best front door hardware is easy to install, enjoyable to use, and captivating to look at.


Upgrade any door in your home with ease and creative freedom. Our door handles can be purchased individually, in pairs, and large quantities. These door handles may be affixed to any door from any source. Purchasing a pivot door from our company is not necessary to purchase door handles from Modern Steel Doors.

Pricing for door handles begins at 48″ in length. Quantity discounts are available for orders of over 20 door handles. Each order is made to the client’s specifications of length and MSD design options. All door handles are available in any color powder-coated finish. Samples are available after an initial deposit. Easy installation can be performed by any competent handyman and specialized knowledge is not necessary.

Transforming any entryway in your home just became this easy. Please call us at (800) 406-1958 or fill out the contact form to speak with a Design Specialist and initiate your order.


48″ length: $1,300
108″ length: $2,100

Custom lengths are available and pricing starts at 48″. Please call for a quote.

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