48″ Walnut Wood Door Handle


The Walnut Wood Door Handle is a functional work of art from Mother Nature. Rich and organic, this door pull features beautiful hardwood that is cut and placed into a structural metal frame that encases the wood. Our wood door pulls bring together natural and man-made materials to produce a unique product with different dimensions. Equal parts design and function, the Walnut Wood Door Handle is completely unlike conventional hardware. Our designer door pulls turn heads and spark interest from all who visit your home.



The Walnut Wood Door Handle combines aesthetics, functionality, and shape appeal. Its red and brown flowing colors make Walnut a beautiful hardwood to put on display. Moreover, wood makes a unique impression on modern homes. Since modern design is highly cold and linear, introducing a touch of organic warmth adds a pleasant and welcoming accent to the home. Whether it be a glass, wood, or metal entry door, wooden door handles add a unique edge.

The rich colors and smooth grain of walnut wood make for a stunning door handle. Our clients desire an entryway and home that is just as unique as they are. No detail should be overlooked when designing your home. The front door handle of the home is front and center, acting as a focal point. The value of entry door handles is invaluable and adds aesthetic appeal to a traditionally purely functional purpose. 

The Walnut Wood Door Handle is part of our Wood Door Pull Collection. Explore other wood finish options for your door handles here. Our wooden door pulls can be made to any length and are available in either a 3” or 4” width. With little to no maintenance required, these door pull handles are ready to be enjoyed for decades.


Upgrade any door in your home with ease and creative freedom. Our door handles can be purchased individually, in pairs, and large quantities. These door handles may be affixed to any door from any source. Purchasing a pivot door from our company is not necessary to purchase door handles from Modern Steel Doors.

Pricing for door handles begins at 48″ in length. Quantity discounts are available for orders of over 20 door handles. Each order is made to the client’s specifications of length and MSD design options. All door handles are available in any color powder-coated finish. Samples are available after an initial deposit. Easy installation can be performed by any competent handyman and specialized knowledge is not necessary.

Transforming any entryway in your home just became this easy. Please call us at (800) 406-1958 or fill out the contact form to speak with a Design Specialist and initiate your order.


48″ length: $2,200
108″ length: $3,200

Custom lengths are available and pricing starts at 48″. Please call for a quote.

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