segmented bronze double door made of tinted glass segments and round copper door handles

Segmented Double Door with Copper Crater Concise Pull Covers

Exterior double doors are all too conventional and almost everyone is familiar with this configuration. Modern Steel Door's pivot door design reinvents your parent’s and grandparent’s double door. Our typical double front door width is a pair of 5’ doors. That adds up to a whopping 10’ width. Ten feet is twice the width of a run-of-the-mill exterior double door. The pivoting operation of these wide 5-panel double doors creates an unforgettable experience.

Nothing makes the ultimate home impression like large double doors. The impressive size and symmetry of the 5-panel glass and steel double doors are grand and memorable. The Segmented Double Door with mullions transforms the entryway, excelling in aesthetic appeal and functionality.

Use the active door for day-to-day operations. The inactive and active 5-panel glass double doors may be left open for a party or to move large furniture in and out of the home. Operate the inactive door by unlatching the concealed flush bolts at the top and bottom of the inactive passive door. The active door latches and locks into the inactive door.

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