Segmented Single Door With Brushed Stainless Concise Pull Covers

This Segmented front door design was finished in a black powder coating. Here are the types of black powder coating that are available.

  • Architectural Black has a semi-gloss sheen and a smooth texture.
  • Matte Black has a matte sheen and a smooth texture.
  • Hammered Black has a matte sheen and a hammered texture.
  • Architectural Steel has a semi-gloss sheen and a smooth texture. This finish is very dark gray and nearly black. There is a subtle metallic effect that can be seen in direct sunlight.

This Segmented pivot door has a 2X tinted silver glass. Each of the two glass panes is tinted. This double the darkness of the tint. The insulated glass can also be ordered as a clear pane over a tinted pane. This configuration makes the glass half as dark as the 2X tint. See your glass options.

Tinted glass offers privacy and a different look than clear glass. Some homes are situated close to the street and require glass that provides more privacy.

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