Custom Made Door Pulls

What type of statement does your front door make?

Our handmade door pulls have been designed to create an unforgettable front door statement

Sculpted Polished Hardware
Sculpted Palm & Faceted
Innovative Wood Hardware
Sculpted Hardware
Innovative Stainless Hardware
Powder Coated Hardware
Twisted or Bowed Polished Hardware
Twisted or Bowed Hardware
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How to choose the proper front door hardware.


Door Pulls with Roller Latches and Separate Lock  (Best)

Large fixed door pulls are highly capable of operating doors three times the size of regular doors. The front door is opened and closed by pushing or pulling on the handle, requiring no turning or moving parts susceptible to loosening. Roller latches are hidden above and below the lock to provide alignment for tall doors. The holding force of the latches is adjustable with the size of the front door. The lock is found separate from the door pulls and secures the door when closed. Providing both longevity and aesthetics, the price point for this type of front door handle is high. This type of fixed door handles compliments and makes grand statement front doors possible.


Door Handle Set with Integrated Lock  (Better)

A level up is the door handle set, typically made with a short exterior pull and interior knob integrated with the door lock. The exterior side of the door handle is fixed and equipped to operate large doors. However, the interior knob is very susceptible to loosening over time, especially with larger and heavier doors. The caliber of this type of door handle conveys modest importance and statement. The price point ranges from medium to high for this option. Although this door handle set is able to operate larger doors, it quickly reaches its limits.


Door Knob or Lever with Separate Lock  (Not Advisable)

The most basic front door handles include knobs and levers. These handles are characterized strictly by functionality and are appropriate for small scale 36” interior doors. Knobs and levers are unable to withstand the scale and weight of large entrance doors. The rotating mechanism of these basic handles loosens with use over time. The lock typically resides separately above the knob or lever handles. The price point for these front door handles is low and they are easily accessible in any home improvement store. These door handles are not made for aesthetic or statement purposes, but simply for basic function.

Modern Steel Door pulls are custom made and are available round, square, bowed, or twisted.

  1. Generic door pulls are available in limited finishes, shapes, and lengths. Generic door pulls are fastened at the time of installation and are prone to loosen over time.

  2. Modern Steel Door pulls are welded to the top and bottom of your pivot door. This means that the finish matches your door exactly and the pulls will never loosen.

  3. Modern Steel Door pulls are custom made the full length of each door and are available round, square, bowed, or twisted. Hand sculpted pivot door pulls are available as an upgrade.

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