contemporary exterior door design for modern homes made of horizontally segmented glass panels with matching hardware and sidelight

Segmented Single Door with Matching Concise Pulls & Sidelite

This modern front entrance features a segmented front door that has an integrated sidelite. Integrated sidelites are one piece with the door frame and do not require assembly. One-piece construction means that there are no seams, and the frame can be kept as thin as possible. Sidelites are used in conjunction with doors because the wall opening may be too large for a single door. For example, combine a 48” wide door with an 18” sidelite. OR Go with a pivot door and no sidelite. By skipping the sidelite you can get a 64” wide single pivot door. Pivot doors are designed to be wide. Pivot doors present many more design options than conventionally hinged doors do because of their width flexibility.

You can use horizontal metal segmenting strips on the sidelite or not. When it comes to a front entrance door with glass, your desired appearance will be the determining factor in how you approach it. Consider your glass finish options for a unique effect.

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