Affordable Pivot Doors

Homeowners should not have to choose between price and quality.

The Builder’s Series is an economic alternative to any Modern Steel Doors design

dark gray metal pivot front door with round custom made modern door hardware and transom

Sometimes our dream door is just out of reach. Even after shopping around for a comparable dupe, homeowners are quickly met with disappointment. This situation leaves them in an uncomfortable and unfair situation. Nobody wants to settle for less than they had in mind.

After hearing homeowners’ sentiments, we developed The Builder’s Series by Modern Steel Doors. The Builder’s Series is an economic alternative to any Modern Steel Doors design. By omitting certain non-essential features, the regular price can be reduced. At a glance, differences are hardly detectable. A thinner door jamb and flat threshold are components that reduce the price. Clients can now enjoy the same pivoting technology and proprietary features exclusive to Modern Steel Doors at a lower cost.


In this video, artist J. Cruz points out the features on a Builder’s Series door.

Additionally, by cutting out other unnecessary steps such as protective glass film, costs can be reduced even further. Getting to enjoy both superior functionality and aesthetics is not common in most budget-based door options. One of the most outstanding features exclusive to Modern Steel Doors is a comprehensive pivoting system that arrives ready to install and requires no invasive drilling. Learn more about what features and technologies set Modern Steel Doors ahead here.

Builder's Series vs Custom Door Comparison

comparison of modern front door design prices of glass and metal

When trying to find a cheaper lookalike from a different company, homeowners run into many critical and potentially costly issues. The smooth operation and easy integration of our doors are difficult to replicate and are proprietary to Modern Steel Doors. Compromised quality may cause homeowners to continuously revisit issues that arise from their door. Even worse, homeowners may end up feeling regretful for cutting corners when the project is said and done.

Customers should not have to choose between price and quality. The Builder’s Series brings together superior design, enduring quality, and competitive pricing. Explore our collection of statement front doors to elevate your project.

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