Full View Single Door with Round Door Length Antler Pulls & Transom

Transoms are a great way to add height to your front door. Take your pivot door to limitless heights with the use of a transom. A glass pivot door can be up to thirteen feet tall (due to glass limitations). However, the use of a transom can double the height of the overall entrance. Some transoms are separated from the door with wall sections and some share a common jamb with the entry door beneath it.  In other words, transoms can be integrated with the door jamb. Or, they can be manufactured separately and then assembled when installed. This transom is simple to match the design essence of the Full View entry door. Many of our large glass residential door designs can be incorporated into the transom to create continuity. Transoms can also be used to frame and avoid large chandeliers. From the exterior, the transom frames the chandelier and can frame an exterior view as well. This is especially dramatic at night. Imagine walking down your staircase and viewing unobstructed city lights or enormous grass pastures.  At other times, the chandelier can limit the height of the door to maintain clearance. If you have soaring ceilings or a multilevel foyer consider the use of a transom.

Frosted glass was selected for use on our full view entry door above. Selecting Frosted glass increases privacy and diffuses the light. Modern Steel Doors offer various glass options to suit your needs.  Clear, Reflective, tinted and textured, there is something for your home.

Our unique Hand sculpted Antler pulls were used to create a focal point.  These pulls are entirely made by our metal artisans in our Tucson, AZ manufacturing facility. In this example, the contrasting finish and texture create a tactile experience as the door is opened and closed.  The texture of these pulls are truly museum quality. Explore our entire luxury hardware collection.

Rough Pricing for the 5' Full View Single Pivot Door with Antler Pulls & Transom
$20,370 as shown
$13,030 value-based as shown
$17,460 as shown door only
$10,630 value-based door only
$7,470 budget based 42" x 96" Non-Pivot Door only

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