Full View Double Door with Round Polished Faceted Door Length Pulls & Sidelites

We touch our doors every day. The action is so common that it has become unconscious. Opening and closing a custom-designed pivot door requires a higher degree of mindfulness. It is truly an experience.  Our glass double pivot doors demand your conscious attention because of their uncommon size and operation. They are such statement pieces, they demand special attention. Once you have someone's attention, there is an unconscious obligation to say something of importance. Taking all that into consideration, consider how our hand-sculpted pulls can elevate that interaction. They initiate a one of a kind tactile experience. It is where the visitor touches the door and engages with your home and family.

Our Faceted door pulls are hand sculpted and hand polished. The polished facets glisten lustrously. They are the center of attention. The entire process, from the shaping of the raw material to create the final finish, is hand made by our talented artisans.  These are not made from molds - they are uniquely yours as no two pieces are alike. Large pivot doors are the perfect stage for our hand-sculpted hardware. 

These are large double pivot doors with sidelights. Few manufacturers are capable of making double pivot doors of this caliber. Modern Steel Doors specializes in monumental front doors. The overall width is fifteen feet and the height is eight feet. The finish is a smooth semigloss powder-coated finish.  It is the MSD Architectural White powder-coating. Architectural White is a standard finish. Clear, tempered and double pane glass panels were used throughout the entire system. The glass has a low e coating to keep out the heat in the summer and in in the winter.

Pricing for the 5' Full View Double Pivot Door with Round Polished Faceted Door Length Pulls & Sidelites
$40,040 as shown
$27,610 value-based nearly as shown
$15,070 as shown single door only
$9,130 value-based single door only
$6,380 budget based 42" x 96" Non-Pivot single door only

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