Feature Design: The Horizon Door

JUNE 16, 2022 | Published in GLASS DOORS

The features and inspiration for the Horizon Door design are highlighted in this article.

The Horizon Door was inspired by the natural world

The Horizon Door design is balanced and charming. Composed of three stacked sections, this innovative door design creatively combines materials in a simple manner. Imitating the boundary formed between the earth and sky, the Horizon Door was inspired by the natural world.

The Horizon Door is made up of one dominant center panel layered between two glass panels. These two glass panels provide void space to create balance and frame the center panel. The center panel represents the homeowner’s opportunity to get creative. Featuring metal, glass, or wood, the center panel is the center of attention. Metal powder-coated finishes or distinct cladding create a highly modern look. Using wood in the center panel, alternatively, creates warmth and adds an organic touch to any setting. To maintain an airy and translucent appearance, different glass finishes may also be used in the center panel. No matter the material of choice, this innovative front door design presents itself in a grand way.

In this video, artist J. Cruz describes a Horizon Door purchased by one of our clients. This client chose White Oak wood for their center panel section and Architectural Black for their door frame. This choice of wood was made to match other pieces in their home. Moreover, the client chose Brushed Stainless Steel door pulls, beautifully interacting with the cool tones in the wood while creating contrast with the black metal frame.

Another design feature of the Horizon Door is its ability to maintain visibility and let in natural light. Being able to display the opaque center panel in a large way while still featuring glass above and below makes this possible. Natural light is permitted into the home and great views are still enjoyable from inside. Although the large center panel does create privacy, the use of frosted glass on the upper and lower panels is also an option for additional privacy.

A common addition to the Horizon Pivot Door is that of statement hardware. Homeowners who desire to add additional interest and create a focal point for their entryway commonly do so by adding a set of unique door pulls. The door pulls may be coordinated with the material in the center panel to create cohesion. For example, there is an opportunity to create contrast by pairing polished pulls with a dark finish. Our collection of designer door pulls features a diversity of shapes, finishes, and textures to complement any Horizon Door or entryway. Learn more about our door pulls here.

Balanced & Intentional

The Horizon Door is a highly sought-after innovative door design for many reasons. Its versatility and customizability make it the perfect fit for any home. Balanced and intentional, this pivot door design can transform both interior and exterior spaces. Make a statement and turn heads with an unforgettable front door.

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