48″ Square Serrated Door Handle


The Square Serrated Door Handle takes traditional hardware to the next level. Simple from afar and intricate up close, these modern door handles upgrade any door they touch. The square shape and serrated surface create a memorable experience for the user. Straight edges and 90-degree angles make the Square Serrated Door Handle a perfect addition to any modern home design. A combination of dark and light tones on the surface of the metal makes this handle adaptable to many different settings. Sparking interest without being the center of attention is the essence of the Square Serrated Front Door Pull.



Created by hammering hundreds of serrations into the surface of the metal, the Square Serrated Handle is front door hardware like none other. The peaks and valleys created by this distinct texture are exaggerated by the two tones seen in the metal. By lightly polishing the serrated surface, the peaks are highlighted and the valleys remain blackened. Both color and texture work hand-in-hand to create this distinct effect.

No matter the front door, the Square Serrated Door Pull goes with many different settings. Its subtle appearance from afar compliments both the interior and exterior sides of the front door. Upon approaching the door, the details in the metal become more apparent and draw the user in. Metal, glass, or wood make a great background for these modern door handles. Light-toned wood or dark-toned metal each work wonderfully and bring out their opposites. The Square Serrated Door Handle is part of our Square Sculpted Collection. 

The short horizontal serrations of the surface of this door pull run perpendicular to the vertical length of the hardware. Long hardware that runs the full length of the door creates a profound impact on the overall entryway. Make a statement with door hardware just as grand as your front door. Creative design, distinct edges, and fine materials make our designer hardware more than just hardware.


Upgrade any door in your home with ease and creative freedom. Our door handles can be purchased individually, in pairs, and large quantities. These door handles may be affixed to any door from any source. Purchasing a pivot door from our company is not necessary to purchase door handles from Modern Steel Doors.

Pricing for door handles begins at 48″ in length. Quantity discounts are available for orders of over 20 door handles. Each order is made to the client’s specifications of length and MSD design options. All door handles are available in any color powder-coated finish. Samples are available after an initial deposit. Easy installation can be performed by any competent handyman and specialized knowledge is not necessary.

Transforming any entryway in your home just became this easy. Please call us at (800) 406-1958 or fill out the contact form to speak with a Design Specialist and initiate your order.


48″ length: $1,700
108″ length: $3,100

Custom lengths are available and pricing starts at 48″. Please call for a quote.

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