Hardwood and Door Pulls

Modern Steel Doors uses real wood through and through.
Choose your favorite combination of custom wood front doors with door pulls.

Wood is characterized by an archaic beauty

Warmth is created through wood’s organic formation. Each hardwood front door we craft is subtly unique with different grain and texture. Metal and wood balance each other through their paradoxical nature. Steel is artificial and cold, while wood is organic and warm. These opposing materials frame each other and work well together. Additionally, glass as a third material adds another layer of dimension to your wood front door. This combination of metal, wood, and glass creates a home entrance that is modern, lets in light, and is still warm.

Modern Steel Doors uses only genuine hardwood. Our hardwoods will never delaminate because they are never laminated. The hardwoods we offer include Mahogany, White Oak, Walnut, Teak, and Washed Teak. Each of these woods offers a unique grain, color, and pattern. 

Modern Steel Doors offers two distinct methods of hardwood front door construction options. The first is a metal door made with wood panels. This construction works well to skillfully incorporate glass and metal into your front door while allowing the wood to remain the dominant material. The second method of construction is a wood door with a supporting metal frame. An all-wood door emphasizes the wood as the primary material and is made possible by a structural metal door frame.

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