Horizon Single Door with Custom Wooden Door Handles

The Horizon Front Door Design combines different materials in an organized, balanced pattern. Although simple, this front door design provides a balanced composition, regardless of the specific dimensions.  The door modeled above is finished in Architectural white and elegantly combines textured and clear glass. The all-glass look is notorious for letting natural light shine into the home and connecting the interior to the exterior of the home. Even more natural light is possible through the addition of a glass sidelite, pictured above. A sidelite works to break up space and create a more visually interesting scene. 

The Horizon Door illustrated above is complemented by our custom wooden hardware. Modern Steel Doors offers handmade door pulls made from a selection of incredibly versatile hardwoods to match every home. In a synthetic all-glass composition, a wooden door pull adds warmth and an organic touch. The door pull represents the point where we come in physical contact with our front door. With a curated selection of designs and materials, this focal point can live up to its responsibility.

Front Door DesignerFront Door DesignerImage Map

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