Yin Yang Design Method

JUNE 1, 2022 | Published in GUIDE

Using different architectural materials for the interior and exterior of the front door is discussed in this article

The solution is a front door with no compromises.

Homeowners can choose different materials to use on the interior and exterior sides faces of their front door

The ancient Chinese philosophy of Yin and Yang describes the duality of competing and complementary forces that govern the universe. Yin is characterized by femininity that is gentle and passive. Yang, on the other hand, is characterized by masculinity and assertion. Other dichotomies that reflect the concept of Yin and Yang are dark and light, positive and negative, form, and function. Yin and Yang function to create balance and reflect the duality of life.

The philosophy of Yin and Yang is especially relevant to architecture. Design concepts such as balance, positive and negative space, and color all return to the fundamental concept of Yin and Yang. When it comes to the home, the interior is often Yin while the exterior is Yang. The front door represents the threshold between the exterior and interior of your home. It represents the threshold between work and rest, public and private, strangers, and family. The interior of the home should be familiar, welcoming, warm, and inspiring. The exterior of the home, in contrast, aims to make a statement and assert a presence. Simply, the interior and exterior spaces of each home each strive to achieve a different feeling. What bridges the outside world and the intimacy of your own home is the front door. The front door is a point of transition and should introduce the opposing spaces to each other. This responsibility requires versatility. Homeowners are often faced with the dilemma of choosing a front door that primarily compliments the exterior or the interior. With so many expectations for different regions of the home, this decision becomes very difficult and even unfair.

Interior and exterior spaces have different roles

Modern Steel Doors understands this common problem. The solution is a front door with no compromises. Modern Steel Doors enables clients to choose different materials to use on the Yin interior and Yang exterior sides of their front door. Our diverse collection of organic hardwoods and beautiful metal cladding creates the opportunity for clients to craft the perfect impression for both the exterior and interior of their home.

It is time to raise the expectations for our front doors. The front door’s exterior should be tailored to the home’s exterior, and the door’s interior should be responsive to the home’s interior. There are endless options for achieving this goal when designing your dream door. A popular option for maintaining a Yin interior and Yang exterior is using wood for the interior face of the door and metal for the exterior face. Wood is an organic material that creates warmth through its color, flowing grain, and texture. Metal is sleek, cold, and assertive. Matching door pulls are a great option to tie the two faces of the front door together. The hardware of your front door may also be customized to fit the interior and exterior of your home.

Contrast and coordination are the most important aspects of the success of the front door. The front door should harmonize with the home’s architecture and enhance your daily living space experience. Incorporating Yin and Yang elements into your front door allows all expectations to be exceeded.

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