Why Don't Pivot Doors Seal ?

The reason why pivot doors don’t seal is that regular door type components are used. There are not enough pivot doors in the market to justify the engineering and manufacturing of unique pivot door seals. Consequently, regular door seals are used to seal pivot doors. This doesn’t work. Modern Steel Doors has addressed each facet of this conundrum. The result is a pivot door seal system that performs better than most regular doors.


There are four sides of a pivot door that require sealing. Each of the four sides has unique conditions that Modern Steel Doors has addressed specifically. 

  1. The threshold is the most important barrier. (See Below) Each Modern Steel Doors’ threshold is tailored to the home’s floor covering with an engineered slope that will evacuate water effectively. The engineered threshold is welded with the door jamb. Welding eliminates the inherent joints present in all doors that have installed a separate threshold. The two benefits are that joints will not leak nor separate over time. Joint separation is a major cause of sagging pivot doors. The threshold has the same powder-coated finish as the door. Modern Steel Doors has created a threshold system that is not available anywhere else.
  2. Dual neoprene sweeps are pre-installed at the top and bottom of the pivot door. This method is aesthetically pleasing and creates less operating resistance. Pivot door weather stripping has the propensity to create too much resistance or not enough seal. Our dual neoprene sweep system is a good balance of seal and resistance.
  3. The vertical door to jamb seals have been engineered. Most doors are sealed with q-lon gaskets. Q-lon gaskets are vinyl-coated foam gaskets and are the industry standard. Heat and UV light tends to break down the vinyl coating 1st and then the foam filling. Q-lon however is inexpensive and readily available at nearly any hardware store. Modern Steel Doors has engineered a gasket to do two things. 1. Seal for a very long time in any climate. 2. Slow down heavy doors right before they close quietly. We turned to the automotive industry to accomplish this because there was nothing available. EPDM, an automotive gasket rubber compound was used to create a custom pivot door gasket that seals and quiets each of our pivot doors. 

Let's take a closer look.


Our Builder’s Line was inspired to give an unforgettable front door experience while staying within budget.

Our Builder's Line of custom front doors was inspired by clients that had found themselves in regretful situations. With the same design and customization capabilities, our Builder’s Line constitutes the best value of the high-end front door on the market. Modern Steel Doors is able to help clients create that unforgettable front door experience while staying within budget.

Sometimes, our doors are just over budget. Our Builder’s Line custom front doors are an economical alternative. All designs, finishes, and customizations are available without sacrificing even a single aesthetic. Modern Steel Doors removes the unnecessary elements of the door and simplifies the necessary ones in order to help clients achieve the same front door experience for less.

Saving money on your front door is best achieved with Modern Steel Doors. Some clients attempt to find a different fabricator to procure the experience for less and, consequently, end up with a lesser final product than they hoped for. Modern Steel Doors are more intricate and detailed than what appears at a glance. Often, other companies change and overlook critical functional features that, in turn, compromise the longevity and operation of your front door. Our Builder’s Line allows the client to take advantage of the proprietary components exclusive to Modern Steel Doors at a lower cost. When settling for a different company, the client is compromising more than just the price of their front door.

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