An MSD glass front double door is a great way to create a very wide opening. The usable opening can be as much as twelve feet with a pair of double pivot doors. The active door is used primarily for everyday passage. When extra space is needed, the inactive door can also be left open. This will essentially double the amount of usable space when compared to a single door.  The active door latches and locks into the inactive door. Inactive doors are designed to latch into the jamb and threshold via concealed flush bolts. The large opening transforms your front door into a phenomenal architectural passageway. You can even drive your car through the front door and park it in your house. This type of system can prove itself to be very useful when moving large items in/out of the home or for large family gatherings.  In this example, both form and function are addressed.

Spectacular views can be preserved and appreciated by looking through the entire home. For instance, let's say that the back of your home faces a mountain which frames sunsets beautifully. Your guests will be treated to a view that can’t be replicated anywhere else in the universe.  The home will frame the landscape by using a window wall on the back of the home and a very large glass front double door. This allows the home to embrace the unique piece of property it sits on.

Pricing for the 5' Full View Double Pivot Door with Round Faceted Door Length Pulls
$31,700 as shown
$20,700 value-based nearly as shown
$13,700 as shown single door only
$8,300 value-based single door only
$5,800 budget based 42" x 96" Non-Pivot single door only

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