metal red single accent door with square brushed stainless door hardware and door lite

Red Single Door with Square Brushed Stainless Lite Length Pulls & Doorlite

Pivot doors are quickly becoming the new front door due to their unique movement and large sizes. The simplicity of a powder-coated Modern Steel Door front door makes a statement. The statement is sophistication. "Busy" design is simpleminded design. Minimalistic design means that each feature is independent and must posses beauty in and of itself. Here are some simple combinations that accomplish the aforementioned endeavor.

  • Matte black powder-coated metal door + satin black Baldwin smart lock + round 60" long brushed stainless steel pulls placed vertically off-center. The striking contrast and the nonsymmetric pull placement combine with the smartphone-operated lock to create a simple statement.
  • Red powder-coated metal door + vertical door lite + square door lite length brushed stainless pulls + matching red powder-coated lock sleeves. This is a reinventive red front door. The square door pull complements the square door lite in length and shape. The lock is submissive and functional.
  • Hammered black powder-coated metal door + satin black Baldwin mechanical lock + round or square hand-sculpted door length pulls. The door-length pulls receive all of the attention thanks to the hammered black background. The pulls run parallel the entire length of the door and share the starting and ending points.

Our team of front-door professionals has been helping our clients with their front doors for decades. Modern Steel Doors looks forward to helping you create your one-of-a-kind front door.

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