crosshatch design single pivot door made of clear and frosted glass with matching silver hardware on stone home

Crosshatch Single Door with Dough Cutter Pulls

The Crosshatch pivot door offers a new and innovative option that is made possible by the Modern Steel Doors pivot hinge. In the past, we have only had limited front door width available up to 48" wide. The limited widths meant that a six-foot-wide front door opening would either be a pair of 36" wide doors or a 42" single door with two sidelites. The potential door widths that the pivot door makes possible creates a whole new set of options. Here are two new opportunities for the same six-foot-wide opening. The entire width can now be one single door or a single 54" pivot door and a 16" sidelite.

These new options are great. However, they stand in second place in regard to the experiential impact that a pivot door creates. Pivot doors do look great in the closed position. But they shine when they open and close. The unique placement of the pivot hinge creates a bidirectional movement of coming and going. As you walk into the home in the active direction of the pivot door, the inactive side of the door rotates to the exterior. A pivot door is just something that has to be experienced to be appreciated. These descriptions don't do the pivot doors movement justice. It's like trying to describe a perfect bite of food. You just have to do it and then you will never forget it.

What makes a Modern Steel Pivot Door better than other pivot doors? MSD is the only pivot door company that makes a turnkey pivot door that arrives assembled and ready to install. Yes, this makes it much easier to install and there's no need to cut into your cement floor. However, the MSD pivot hinge is an entire unified system that ensures that your pivot door will not sag over time. Most aluminum and wood pivot doors will sag over time. MSD has engineered a pivot door system that unifies the jamb with the threshold with the pivot hinges. We are able to do this because we make our own pivot hinges and manufacture everything in-house. No other pivot door company offers a unified pivot door system.

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