new modern front door design for contemporary homes made of glass and metal with long round custom door pulls and sidelight

Paragon Single Door with Round Faceted Door Length Pulls & Sidelite

The featured front door on this page is the Paragon Pivot Door Design with our Hand-Sculpted Faceted Pulls and a single Full View Sidelite.  Both door and sidelight are finished in Architectural Silver and feature our energy-efficient Performance Low E Glass.

Modern Steel Doors offers a prehung pivot door system.  Not only is the entire pivot hinge housed within the threshold of the jamb, but the threshold is also powder coated the same finish as the door.  This scenario is the best of both worlds. The integrated pivot hinge and the threshold increases the structural stability of the entire door system, does not require mortising into the subfloor and leads to a very simple and straightforward installation.  On top of all these benefits, the threshold is the same material as the door.

This Paragon Pivot Door is shown with a single sidelite.  In yesteryear, sidelites were used with wooden doors to create wide entry door units as wooden doors were unable, and still are, to be really wide.  Nowadays, sidelites can be used for a variety of reasons. They can promote asymmetry, create space for stairs, doors, and hallways and allow for light when used in conjunction with solid doors.

The glass in the sidelite can be one of three basic options.  First, and most popular, is clear glass. Clear glass allows for full transparency both from exterior and interior and also allows for the most ambient light to enter the modern home.  In very special settings, clear glass will allow visitors to view through the entire home and see the ocean or a lake, the forest or a beautifully manicured backyard. The Modern Steel Doors series of Reflective Glass’ allows, under the correct lighting conditions, for homeowners to view outward, yet visitors are not allowed to view inward.  Ambient light is still allowed through. The third option is frosted glass. Frosted glass creates nearly complete obscurity. At best, silhouettes are seen. Ambient light is limited.

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