modern front door design made of real walnut wood and steel with long square door handles and transom

Walnut Paragon Door with Square Brushed Stainless Door Length Pulls & Transom

Door widths up to six-foot wide should consider a single pivot door configuration.  Take the above Paragon Exterior Front Door as an example. In this particular scenario, the width is five feet.  It’s too narrow for a double door system and a door with two sidelites. Adding a single sidelite to the door will decrease the width of the door.  Nowadays, for entry doors, the wider and taller - the absolute better. In the above walnut entry door, the opening size was five feet wide and ten feet tall.  At eight feet tall, the most appropriate door width is five feet. This ratio best balances width and height.

A transom is added to this wood and stainless steel entry door to create additional height and allow for ambient height.  Natural lighting in a foyer is a sophisticated detail. Use the transom for not only light and height, but also for clearance.  At times, taller doors may collide with large lighting fixtures. Keep the height and avoid damage to the lighting feature by adding the transom.

In the above example, the contrasting elements of the Paragon Exterior Front Door create a striking first impression.  Steel, glass and the Brushed Stainless Steel are quintessential modern elements. The Walnut Hardwood is a welcoming twist.  It provides an aesthetic warmth that those other elements simply can’t. Walnut is known for being hard, heavy, and resilient, capable of resisting warping and suffering very little shrinkage.  In other words, it is very stable. Visually, the grain is irregular but typically straight with a medium texture.

Combining these four elements is exciting.  However, there is some design responsibility to this.  Feel free to lean on the experts at Modern Steel Doors to help design a stainless steel entry door that will be often referred to as a work of art. The entire team at MSD loves what we do. It is very apparent once you see our doors. Allow yourself to be the recipient of a finely hand made product touched by decades of experience, dedication, and self-improvement.

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