The Yosemite has Horizontally Arranged Wood Planks

The Yosemite is a custom Mahogany exterior door design that complements many different homes and entryways. This modern Mahogany front door is golden-auburn in color with a long, linear grain. Mahogany and other warm-toned woods introduce additional warmth into the interior of the home. The design of this custom Mahogany exterior door is made possible by the structural steel door frame.

Our line of wood doors provides the perfect background for our modern door handles. Modern Steel Doors designs and sculpts metal door pulls in a diversity of shapes, lengths, and finishes. Introducing the strength of steel into an all-wood construction adds dimension and makes for a more interesting home entryway. Every work of art needs a focal point. The pulls, of your front door, are a critical detail that should not be overlooked.

The Yosemite modern front door is not limited to just Mahogany. We have a variety of custom hardwood door options. Modern Steel Doors also provides an option for clients to have the wood already used in their homes match that of their custom entry door. When it comes to remodeling, this is a great option to create cohesion with pre-existing pieces. 

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