Why Have A Glass Front Door?

APRIL 18, 2023 | Published in GUIDE

What are the advantages of glass doors?

What to consider when buying a glass entry door?

Where to find metal front doors with glass?

open view large modern pivot front door made of black metal and glass with round modern custom door hardware

The Glass Front Door is a timeless entry door solution.

Sophisticated and simple, glass front doors make a statement.


Bringing together glass and metal produces a stunning result that creates anticipation for the rest of the home. One of the advantages of glass doors is that one can enjoy natural light and spectacular views from the comfort of your home. Such visibility bridges the experience between the interior and exterior. Intrigue your guests with a glimpse into your home. 

Many door designs spectacularly feature glass. Whether it be a full glass front door or a glass and metal door, the value added by glass is remarkable. Another advantage of glass doors is that different glass finishes offer to opportunity to customize the front door experience even further. One can create additional privacy with frosted glass or add a darker reflective tint. Alternatively, homeowners can add a creative edge with textured glass.

Considerations when buying a glass entry door should include customizability, structural integrity, ease of installation, and price. Something that makes glass front doors all the more impressive is the large size. If you are looking for a large glass front door, consider going with a pivot door variety. Unlike a conventionally hinged door, a pivot door is engineered to handle large-size capabilities.

Another consideration is material and structural integrity. The frame of most glass doors is made from either steel or aluminum. Given that this metal frame must suspend the glass, it is critical to inquire which material is being used for your glass front door. However, other factors play into the longevity of a door.

Knowledge is power when it comes to making the right decision for your front door. Learn exactly what to consider when buying a front door in this video.

Clean and simple, a modern glass door design is a home run in every home. Achieve superior aesthetics and functionality with a front door that sets the bar. Modern Steel Doors specializes in modern design, custom sizes, and pivot technology.

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