Door To Sidelight Proportions Video

May 19, 2021 | Published in VIDEOS

Sidelights can elevate the front door by framing the entryway and adding visibility. Discover the perfect sidelight proportions for your front door.

Hi there, let's talk about this pivot door.
Specifically, how wide should the pivot door be
As opposed to the width of the sidelight
There are many things to consider when deciding this.
This pivot door is four feet wide. Pivot doors should not
Be any narrower than four feet. That’s easy.
We’ve eliminated getting a smaller pivot door here.
Alright, so how big can it be? The overall width of this
Opening is six feet. Five feet of pivot door would be too much,
It would be disproportionate. It would be all door and it just
wouldn't look right.
Great, we’ve gotten rid of that. On this side, we have four feet
Can be the smallest width of our pivot door.
Five feet won’t work, so that leaves four and a half.
Four and a half would work.
So the only decision to make here is, “Is the width of my pivot door
Going to be four feet or four and a half feet”
When you have such a close photo finish in deciding the width
Of your door, it's always good to consult the home.
Get out in front of your home, look at it. See what the home is going
To feel more comfortable with.
When it comes to pivot doors, Modern Steel Doors is the authority.
It’s all we do. We make pivot doors all day, every day.
And we will help you make your front door a major success.
Give us a call or fill out the contact form and we’ll give you a call.
Thank you very much.

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