Black Metal Pivot Door With Lite Video

MARCH 11, 2021 | Published in VIDEOS

The simple metal pivot door is essential to modern design. In this video, designer J. Cruz touches on the features of this client's door.

Hi there, I'm J. Cruz and I'd like to go over two features of this glass
And metal pivot door. This pivot door was made with the Builder Series door jamb.
What that means is that the door jamb is two and a half
Inches deep and the threshold is as well, and is flat.
This translates into a big savings opportunity for our clients and
Nothing is lost on the door panel itself. The second feature that I'd
Like to review on this pivot door is the door lite. This door lite
Has our reflective gray glass. What that means is that during the day,
It's very difficult to look in so it provides privacy for the homeowner
At night. The homeowner can turn lights on in front of the door
So that it offsets the light inside of the home.
And then when someone walks up to the door, they're looking
At the glass rather than looking through the glass into the home.
The face of the door is metal and the transition to the glass
Is only 1/8 of an inch. So it's very clean and seamless.
The interior is also quite subdued, but it has a slightly bigger glass frame.
This is to accommodate the installation of the glass.
If you'd like information on getting one of these awesome pivot doors for your
Home, please give us a call or fill out the contact form. Thank you.

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