blackened stainless modern exterior door with sidelight and stainless steel round door handles

Blackened Metal Door with Round Brushed Stainless Lite Length Pulls & Doorlite & Sidelite

Blackened Metal cladding was used on the interior and exterior skins of this pivot door. Blackened Metal is an organic finish with beautiful mottling throughout. Dark grays are the primary colors and the particulars are left to chance. Metal sheets are treated to achieve this unique finish. The finish is unlike any other finish. The finish is both durable and one-of-a-kind.

The door pulls are round and finished in Brushed Stainless Steel. Brushed Stainless Steel stands out nicely with the Blackened Metal background.  The door pull length coincides with the door lite length. The matched length makes the door  pulls  "at home" next to the door lite. Stainless Steel is the common substrate of the pulls (brushed metal) and the skins (very dark gray). Perhaps this is why they complement each other so well. Here are the various Brushed Stainless Steel door pull options.

  • Round. A classic ergonomic shape.
  • Square. A contemporary and linear mprovement to the common round shape.
  • Twisted. We take a square pull and twist it 90 degrees. It is simple, subtle and sophisticated.
  • Bowed. A rectangular shape is "bowed" just like an archer's bow.

The door lock should be as submissive as possible so as not to disrupt the interaction between the pulls and the skins. A black door lock is recommended. Here are some options for the door lock.

  • Black mechanical lock with round cylinder sleeves  (included). The lock's exterior is keyed and the interior has a thumb turn.
  • Satin Black Baldwin mechanical lock (upgrade). The lock's exterior is keyed and the interior has a thumb turn.
  • Satin Black Baldwin smart lock  (upgrade). The lock's exterior is keyed and the interior has a thumb turn. This lock is fantastic! It can be operated with a touch of the finger. It senses your smartphone. You can even assign temporary access to other smartphones within your desired times and day. The APP notifies you when your visitors come and go. See how it works.

The Modern Steel Doors staff has decades of experience. We look forward to helping you with your front door.

Pricing for the 5' Blackened Metal Exterior Door with Square Brushed Stainless Door Length Pulls & Doorlite & Sidelite
$20,100 as shown
$16,200 value-based nearly as shown
$17,800 as shown single door only
$14,300 value-based single door only
$11,700 budget based 42" x 96" Non-Pivot Door single only


  • This is a two-sided door design. This door design can be combined with other door designs that have the same yin-yang symbol. Different interior/exterior door designs and hardware can be combined. See Compatible Wood Doors

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