Arts & Crafts Single Door with Dough Cutter Pulls

The Arts & Crafts front door design is made with a large pane of glass and five small windows. The windows can receive a variety of materials. This particular door is finished in the Architectural Bronze powder coating and shown with our Rainbow Bronze metal cladding background. Modern Steel Doors offers many other metal cladding backgrounds, such as

  • Raw Steel, which contains beautiful heat signatures and hues of blue and gray
  • Brushed Stainless Steel, which can coordinate nicely with matching home features
  • Blackened Stainless Steel, which is a living finish that is beautifully mottled and different every time
  • Dark Gray Tarnished Metal, which is mottled hues of dark gray
  • Corten, which takes on breathtaking rust overtime

The window backgrounds can be glass. Here are some glass types that can be combined with clear glass in the large glass pane

  • Vertically or Horizontally textured glass will let in the light and is semi-obscure by its texture
  • Frosted glass lets in a "glow" of light and is not textured
  • Various Gray or Bronze tints are available as well

Dough Cutter Pulls are included with all Arts & Crafts front doors. The pulls are welded onto the door frame. This means that the pulls will never get loose. Another benefit to welded pulls is that they are powder coated along with the door for a seamless finish that matches identically every time. Optionally, the pull bar can be upgraded to a contrasting material. Ask your salesperson about the possibilities.

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