What Is A Pivot Door ?

A pivot door is different from a regular door in three ways. Understanding these differences will enable you to decide which door is better for your project. The intention of this pivot vs. hinged door breakdown is to help you find what is best for you.

different front door options including pivot hinge doors and regular hinge doors

Aesthetic Differences

  1. Bigger (see below):  A pivot door can be much wider and/or taller than a regular door. If your home entrance is bigger than the average home entrance than a pivot door might be the better choice.
  2. Movement (see below):  A pivot door’s operational movement is much different than the simple movement of a regular door. If special attention is given to the home’s entrance and facade than a pivot door should be considered.

Engineering Difference

  1. Physics (see below):  A pivot door transfers weight directly to the floor, unlike the transfer, of weight, by a regular door. This difference is the fundamental difference which makes a pivot door special.

Cost Difference

  1. Higher:  A pivot door will cost more than a regular door. A pivot door requires specialized engineering, hinges, jamb, threshold, and experience. The proper execution of these requirements increases the cost of a quality pivot door.
  2. One Time:  The initial cost, of a pivot door, occurs only once. Unlike the pivot door’s aesthetics, movement, and engineering which are perpetual. The cost is one and done.
  3. Options:  MSD door designs are available in two types of construction. The standard line and the builder's line. The builder's line offers substantial savings with no aesthetic drawbacks. (see below)

Let's take a closer look.

Pivot Doors Are Bigger Than Regular Doors

The unique design of a pivot door expands the possibilities and capabilities of a door. One of the best advantages of a pivot door is the size capability. Due to the vertical weight distribution in pivot doors, impressive dimensions are possible. Moreover, a pivot door is characterized by far more than functionality. A pivot door is aesthetically and architecturally profound. The multi-dimensional movement and grand scale of a pivot door elevate its surroundings. Modern homes constantly evolve and the pivot door enables the front door to evolve with the home.



Pivot Doors Have Better Movement Than Regular Doors

A pivot door is a door that rotates about an axis located away from the edge of the door. Regular doors, in contrast, rotate about an axis located at the edge of the door. The unconventional hinge position of a pivot door creates space on either side of the pivoting point when the door is in the open position.

Instead of a single open space produced by a regular door, pivot doors create two. These parallel spaces consist of an active and inactive space. The active space is the functional passage area of the door while the inactive space is the narrow and purely aesthetic space. Spectacular dual movement is created when operating a pivot door.



Physics: Pivot Doors Are Engineered Better

Pivot doors mitigate the force of gravity and regular door complicate the force of gravity. A pivot door allows gravity to go directly down. A regular door subjects the jamb to pushing and pulling forces. It is better to allow gravity to do what it does with little hindrance. Drop anything and gravity will bring it straight down. Pivot doors allow gravity to go straight down.


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