Twisted or Bowed Hardware

Front door pulls are a critical element of the entryway and where we meet the door. Creating contained movement with a subtle twist or bend makes for a distinct and memorable home impression.


Twisted Square Serrated

Hand-sculpted by our talented artisans, patina, and then lightly polished, the unique serrated twisted door handle pulls are simply unforgettable. These classically modern pulls are aged in place and the net result is an unparalleled finish coupled with one of our most popular door pull designs. Tens of thousands of horizontal grooves are meticulously sculpted with a hammer & chisel onto a tall vertical pull. No two sections are identical.  This art is made the old-fashioned way, by hand.  Unlike casting, Modern Steel Doors does not use molds to create these unique door pulls.  See how to order.


Twisted Square Crater

These square twisted door handle pulls can elevate any entryway. Subtle, yet very unique, these door handles produce a strong, while silent, voice. These unique door pulls become visually more interesting as they are approached. Each of the crates creates peaks and valleys.  The valleys are finished in a patina and each peak is highlighted. The craters are meticulously sculpted with a hammer & chisel. See how to order.


Bowed Serrated

Our hand-sculpted Bowed Serrated Door Pulls are one of our favorites. Each groove is meticulously sculpted with a hammer & chisel. Once that is achieved thousands of times, the entire pull is twisted ninety degrees. This produces an architectural edge, that when catches any light, will radiate from a distance. These unique bowed serrated door pulls are visually modern, warm, and feel great in the hand. See how to order.


Bowed Crater

The hand-sculpted Bowed Crater Door Pulls by Modern Steel Doors are unfairly beautiful. There are no other door pulls on the market that comes close to this functional piece of art. The texture of these door handles are unique, they seem to be sliced straight out of the moon. The client specifies the height of each pull. From twelve inches to twelve feet and anything in between, Modern Steel Doors can make it happen. Transform wooden and aluminum entry doors from normal to something out of this planet. They are great additions to otherwise normal and lifeless doors.