Pivot Door Buying Guide

Pivot doors create an impressive and dynamic home entrance. Knowledge is power when it comes to searching for your best front door. Explore pivot door prices and alternative options.

Common pivot door buying questions

  • How much do pivot doors cost?
  • Is a pivot door right for my home?
  • What are the alternatives to a pivoting front door?
  • Why are pivot doors so expensive?
  • Do it yourself pivot doors?
  • What is the best modern front door?
  • Why do steel pivot doors cost more than aluminum pivot doors?

“How much does a pivot door cost?” This critical question is asked by many, yet difficult to answer due to the diversity of projects, budgets, and types of pivot doors. Although everyone wants a pivot door, a pivot door may not be your best option. It is important that every customer find the product that is right for them. An understanding of the different pivot door price brackets provided below, will help you make a well-informed decision that you will feel confident about. Be diligent. Ask questions. Visit the facility. Take your time. There are no pivot door emergencies. You will know when you have found your pivot door company and when you should keep looking.

Custom Hand Made Pivot Doors
Customized modern exterior front doors are the most common type of pivot door. A purchase from this price bracket ensures a high-quality pivot door with many customization capabilities. Doors should be unique as the pivot door details and methods used to make them function optimally. Therefore, it is always best to purchase your pivot door from a highly specialized pivot door company. A specialized pivot door company makes pivot doors all day, every day. Such a company is an expert in how to design and engineer every detail of your pivot door as a result of their extensive experience.

Estimated Prices Including Hardware*

  • Aluminum Pivot Doors:  $4,400 - $7,700 from a door door and window company
  • Wood Pivot Doors:  $7,700 - $9,900 from a specialized pivot door company
  • Steel Pivot Doors:  $9,900 - $16,500 from a specialized pivot door company
  • Alternative Steel:  $7,700 - $9,900 from a specialized pivot door company

*The relative difference between the price brackets is more important than the actual prices. Actual prices will depend on your local market, specific door, hardware and conditions.

Cheap Pivot Doors
Sometimes the door we want is outside of the project’s budget. This condition can lead to homebuyers and builders to make bad decisions. Let’s explore the possible actions taken in response to this common situation.

Let's explore the options.

Collaborative Pivot Door Pricing
The ideal, desired pivot door is quoted and it is outside of the front door budget. A collaborative effort between the pivot door company and the customer facilitates increasing the budget and lowering the cost. The new goal is teamwork. The pivot door company is asked to sharpen their pencil by removing the unnecessary features without affecting the overall appearance and function of the desired door. Eureka! The pivot door company is willing to reduce the cost in the aforementioned ways and creative math has increased the front door budget. Modern Steel Doors has developed the ideal program for this scenario. Explore our Builder's Line of custom front doors for lower-priced pivot doors.

A Quality Hinged Door is Better Than a Low-Quality Pivot Door
If the homeowner decides that the Collaborate Pivot Door is still not feasible, conventionally hinged doors are much more common and cost far less. If the homeowner still wishes to dress up their entryway, purchasing sidelights or a double door are great, affordable options.

The Cheap Pivot Door
The ideal, desired pivot door is quoted and it is way outside the budget. Dispirited, this customer puts their dream door on the backburner and looks elsewhere. This customer finds someone that knows someone that can likely make the desired pivot door. After some investigation, the local shop states “Sure, we can make that door!” Some months pass and the door is finally finished. The customer and home builder tilt their heads, noticing the design proportions are slightly off. The joints were not fully aligned prior to welding. Mortised hardware preparations are not clean and consistent. Door sweeps do not seal and the generic weatherstripping does not accommodate the needs of the large pivot door. At a distance, the door looks okay. Upon closer inspection and reflection, the customer is stuck with a door that cannot be fixed and that is less than they bargained for. This is the difference between a company that can do a pivot door, versus one that does pivot doors. Don’t let your project be the guinea pig. Choosing a pivot door company that is highly specialized in making pivot doors guarantees higher satisfaction with your front door. Remember that a quality hinged door is better than a low quality pivot door.

Ultra-High-End Pivot Doors
These are the pivot doors that set the bar and the experience that everyone strives to achieve. There are few limits regarding the size, design, function, hardware, and options of high-end pivot doors. Extravagant homes warrant extravagant front doors. This level of home often involves the international procurement of unique products and a custom design tailored to the home. Modern Steel Doors is adept in these types of elite projects. We also make all shipping and customs arrangements for our clients around the world. Oceanic freight is common and air freight is available if time is of the essence. The sky is the limit of what a high-end pivot door can cost.

Our Builder’s Line was inspired to give an unforgettable front door experience while staying within budget.


Our Builder’s Line was inspired by clients that had found themselves in regretful situations. With the same design and customization capabilities, our Builder’s Line constitutes the best value of the high-end front door on the market. Modern Steel Doors is able to help clients create that unforgettable front door experience while staying within budget.

Sometimes, our doors are just over budget. Our Builder’s Line custom front doors are an economical alternative. All designs, finishes, and customizations are available without sacrificing even a single aesthetic. Modern Steel Doors removes the unnecessary elements of the door and simplifies the necessary ones in order to help clients achieve the same front door experience for less.

Saving money on your front door is best achieved with Modern Steel Doors. Some clients attempt to find a different fabricator to procure the experience for less and, consequently, end up with a lesser final product than they hoped for. Modern Steel Doors are more intricate and detailed than what appears at a glance. Often, other companies change and overlook critical functional features that, in turn, compromise the longevity and operation of your front door. Our Builder’s Line allows the client to take advantage of the proprietary components exclusive to Modern Steel Doors at a lower cost. When settling for a different company, the client is compromising more than just the price of their front door.