single modern front door made of genuine washed wood and steel with long custom door handles and sidelights

Washed Teak Paragon Single Door with Faceted Door Length Pulls & Sidelites

Steel, glass, hand-sculpted pulls, and wood - yes, please!  The Paragon Door System featured on this page illustrates how beautiful the combination of steel, glass, hand-sculpted pulls, and wood can be.  Previously, this combination was unimaginable. Steel and glass are inherently very modern. The hand-sculpted pulls and wood in this example help to bring in a visual element of warmth and organicness. Combine all three for one unique teak and steel front door. These features were created by our in house front door designer JCruz.

Furthermore, this door is flanked by two Full View sidelites.  Utilize the sidelites to create blank space around the door. This approach places direct focus on the Paragon Pivot Door and specifically the wood and hand-sculpted pulls.  Doors of this caliber are rarely found. Combine this unique look with the quality only found at Modern Steel Doors and you’ll have a door that performs better than it looks.

This is a prehung door system.  Our proprietary pivot door hinge is completely housed within the threshold.  The threshold is welded onto the door jamb. First, it is finished the same color as the door, but more importantly, it unifies the jamb.  Our doors arrive is their own self-contained four-sided jambs. This allows for a simple and straight-forward installation. Mortising of the subfloor is not required.  Doors with pivot hinges that are mortised into the subfloor are susceptible to movement when the home settles. Some of these systems lack threshold. Therefore, the sweeps of most other doors must come into contact with the finished floor coverings to create a seal.  This makes the door more difficult to operate as one must overcome the friction of the door sweep against the floor the entire footprint of the door. When debris is on the floor, this abrasive action can scratch and leave wear marks on the floor. Also, there is no clearance for the use of area rugs.

We at Modern Steel Doors have designed our doors systems for the residential sector and for those who will live in the homes with our doors.  We have a solution for all scenarios. Let us do what we do best so you can sit back and enjoy your new teak and steel door.

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