glass front door made of metal and tinted glass with round full length stainless steel door hardware

Paragon Single Door with Matching Round Door Length Pulls

The Paragon Front Door Design is special.  It lends itself to many architectural styles.  This 4 panel glass door has been specified by architects for transitional, contemporary and modern homes.  The timeless design is available with the use of conventional or pivot door hinges. The Paragon entry door design is also great for remodels.  This is especially true when an older is getting a facelift and some of the other options may be considered “too modern” for the home's exterior facade.

This entry door design has previously been fabricated in wood, aluminum, and steel.  Wood doors require maintenance and are limited to smaller sizes.  Aluminum doors are made from large and robust extrusions that are not welded together.  Rather, they are held together by screws.  Because they are not welded, each seam is exposed, thus, the final look is similar to that of an inexpensive shower door.

At Modern Steel Doors we use steel for its’ strength, ability to create custom components and slimmer profiles.  Steel front doors are more structurally sound and exhibit a much more evolved finishing detail.  Each door seam is welded together and then the weld is grounded flat.  Once the entire front door is fabricated, it is sent off to be finished.  Once finished, the door’s surface is smooth and seamless.

The featured door above is a 4 panel glass door finished in Architectural White.  Single-entrance door configurations are simple and place complete emphasis on the door itself.  There is no immediate visual noise surrounding this front door.  The door pull travels the entire height of the door, is finished the same color as the door and serves as a supporting design element for the front door.  To make a larger aesthetic splash, please consider our Brushed Stainless Steel and genuine Modern Steel Doors Hand-Sculpted Door Pulls.  In any scenario, the Paragon Entry Door Design is a conversation piece that will leave a last-impression for all that visit.

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