black front door made of metal tinted glass panels with round custom door handles and tinted matching sidelights

Paragon Glass Double Door with Round Door Length Antler Pulls & Sidelites

Magnificent and bold, this is not the everyday entry door system.  Modern Steel Doors proudly presents the Double Paragon Pivot Door system with two Full View Sidelites.  This impressively beautiful door system spans a total of fifteen feet wide and eight feet in height. Each door is specified as a five-foot-wide door and the sidelites measure two foot and six inches each.  In the above example tinted glass adds for a panoramic view inward and outward of the home. As a result of the transparency, in both directions, there is an interesting exterior and interior interaction. There is no longer a hard line between the two.  With this glass specification, the line between the exterior and interior of the home is now dotted. It expands the footprint of the home and provides allows for a significantly higher enjoyment of the property.

Few items in the home provide are very noteworthy intrinsic feeling for the homeowner.  Kitchens, bathrooms, closets and the entry door are a few. However, not all are shared by family and guests.  But, this is not true for the entry door. It’s an experience shared by all. Consider all the special moments that take place in front of the entry door.  The hellos & goodbyes, the welcome backs, kids & grandchildren and hugs & handshakes, it all takes place at the entry door.  

Your home entrance is a special place, there is no arguing that.  Allow the entry door specialists at Modern Steel Doors to help guide you with the design and specification process.  Our years of experience will ensure that this process stays on the right track. Once the order is initiated, all the appropriate samples are provided to ensure that all parties are on the same page.  The sample package will include finish, glass and hardware pieces. It is our expectation that all expectations are aligned.

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