Custom Pulls

Bowed I
Bowed II
Powder Coated

Heated by fire and sculpted by force.

Our custom door pulls create a focal point for your epic front door.

Serrated (square)
Each serration is skillfully sculpted into the door pull. The serrating technique is time-consuming, but the hours of work are what create the uniquely tangible effect of our sculpted modern door pulls. The hands of the sculptor do touch the hands of our clients through their artwork.

Antler (round)
Chiseled grooves are laboriously hammered to create our Antler door pulls. The sculpted grooves run vertically the length of the door to create that unique fingerprint. The large door pull handles are made the full length of each door and feel great in the hand.

Faceted (round)
Facets are meticulously hammered into each modern door pull handle. Each facet interacts with the adjacent facets. This interaction between facets creates a highly variable surface that bends light and creates the sparkle seen in diamonds. Changes in lighting and interaction create a unique experience every time the door is used.

Bow Shaped Pulls (rectangular)
Our bowed pulls have “curve appeal”. The midsection of our bowed door pulls curves outward. The straight lines of the modern home are the perfect setting to introduce a subtle curve.

Twist Shaped Pulls (square)
A simple twist makes all of the difference. Square door pulls may be subtly twisted 90-degrees. A subtle twist becomes apparent as the door pull handle is seen from top to bottom. The twist in this unique door pull is accentuated by changes in lighting and interaction.

Contained movement is created by choreographing the viewer’s interaction with the front door. Perception transitions from wide and far to narrow and up-close, and then to tactile. Sculpted grooves work together to create a unique fingerprint for each door pull. This tactile experience is highly memorable, if not more than the visual interaction. Our hand-sculpted large door pulls enable the experiencer to interact using multiple senses. Clients have stated that the “feel” is so distinctive that they sometimes close their eyes to intensify the feeling.

Each custom door pull is individually finished by hand to create the finished work of art. Our two finishing options create different effects, but both highlight the intricacy of the sculpture. Our polishing finish produces a dominant focal point while our patina finish serves as a submissive focal point.

Focused lighting can be used to spotlight the modern door pull handles. The perfect lighting highlights the pulls’ distinct grooves and curves, creating a point of interest in the home’s interior, exterior, or both.

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modern steel door pulls hand sculpting tools and anvil
heating handmade and custom designed door hardware for sculpting
modern steel door hardware hand made and custom designed

We pour our hearts into our handcrafted door pulls. There are no duplicates; every pull is one-of-a-kind. The result is a deep experience that is made possible by our passion for what we do.

“If something can’t be done passionately, what’s the point of even doing it?”
J Cruz

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