large double pivot front doors made of brushed stainless steel with long round stainless door hardware

Brushed Stainless Steel Double Door with Round Stainless Door Length Pulls

A brushed stainless steel double door makes a bold statement. Brushed stainless is very durable and will complement other features such as lighting, gates, and street address numbers. This home facade illustrates how to combine a modern double entry door with a rustic old world type of wall. The design method of combining old and new is extensively used in Europe. An ancient building that is hundreds of years old is renovated. Old walls are “framed and lighted” and become a part of the composition. This creates tremendous depth and sophistication that cannot be achieved with all modern materials and methods. A similar effect and feel can be accomplished by combining old and new methods and materials. The intersection of the old and new methods and materials should not look too planned or choreographed. Pairing a stainless steel double door with old walls should look more arbitrary and convey an unplanned afterthought. This can create a knockout space when executed successfully. The combination of old and new is sometimes referred to as "Grunge Architecture".

These particular metal double doors have brushed stainless steel door pulls. However, sculpted door pulls are available and create the aforementioned effect within the door. The large brushed stainless steel entry door provides the background for the hand-sculpted door pulls. The sculpted metal textures create a level of visual warmth that the Brushed Stainless Steel cladding cannot create by itself.


  • This is a two-sided stainless steel double door. This door design can be combined with other door designs that have the same yin-yang symbol. Different interior/exterior door designs and hardware can be combined. See Compatible Wood Doors