What is a Pivot Door?

JUNE 17, 2022 | Published in GUIDE

Hinged Doors vs. Pivot Doors

How does a pivot door work?

Pivot doors explained


A pivot door is a large door that rotates vertically with aligned hinges fixated on the top and bottom of a door. With a pivot door system, the hinges stand away from the edge of the door. This hinge placement allows the weight of the door to be transferred vertically, as opposed to hanging off the side frame horizontally. Pivot door systems are often used in modern designs and luxurious homes.

Superior design fulfills a greater purpose than mere function

Hinged Doors vs. Pivot Doors

Hinged doors differ from pivot doors in their hinge placement. While regular doors have their hinges located on one side of the door, pivot door hinges are affixed to the top and bottom of the door. Furthermore, pivot doors tend to be more expensive than hinged doors. While there is a time and place for both, pivot doors tend to have greater possibilities.

Large & Impressive


The unique hinge placement permits pivot doors to be far larger than regular doors. Pivot doors are more structurally sound and capable than regular hinged doors. The vertical transference of weight is key. This vertical force diminishes the sagging phenomenon seen in regular hinges that struggle to handle the size and weight of larger doors. Homeowners looking to have a large and impressive front door on their homes often opt for pivot doors.


Pivot doors rotate upon a fixed axis located on the upper and lower jambs of a door. These hinges are offset from the edge of the door, dividing the entryway into two distinct spaces when in the open position. These two spaces can be described as the active and inactive spaces.

The active space is where users walk through the doorway. The inactive space is merely an aesthetic space that adds visibility and is noticeable when in the open door position. The dual movement between these two spaces creates balance and reflects the golden mean. 

Made to Make a Statement



Pivot doors are made to make a statement. Used in luxurious homes and in high-end projects, their impact is understood. Their large size capabilities and smooth pivoting operation create an entryway experience like none other. Watching a pivot door in action is interesting to the viewer from every angle. Pivot doors can be enjoyed in the open or closed position, each providing a captivating appearance.


The sound properties of a pivot door are also very distinct. Upon engaging and disengaging the deadbolt, a deep locking sound is heard. Similarly, opening and closing a pivot door creates a deep and prominent shutting sound. These auditory details contribute to the overall user experience of a pivot door.


The front door is where the user physically interacts with the home. Reaching out to grasp the door pull handle, the home and user unite. The luxurious nature of pivot doors poses the opportunity to get creative with adjacent details such as front door hardware. Long door handles and interesting textures make for a memorable home impression.


Above all else, the primary allure of pivot doors is their ability to turn heads and make a statement. Impressive sizes and superior engineering make pivot doors especially popular in contemporary design.

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