Sculpted Door Pulls Video

AUGUST 21, 2017 | Published in VIDEOS

In this video, J. Cruz describes the transformative power of designer door pulls. Create a memorable focal point for your home entryway with our sculpted designer door pulls.

I think that any time you look at something,
there should be a focal point. It guides the eye.
If there is not a focal point, the eyes don't know where to go.
The pivot doors are a big blank canvas and
since they are so much bigger than a conventional door,
it's an opportunity to take something that you've
got to have and make it very special.
When you meet someone, the first thing you do is
shake their hand. The pull is where we touch the door,
it's where we personally interact with the door.
So the pulll is also an opportunity to do handcrafted
Work. It’s been worked by hand. Each groove is like
a fingerprint.
This groove, the way it lives right there, you can't
find that groove anywhere else on this section of the pull
nor any other pull.
It's kind of where our fingerprint meets the fingerprint
of the door. Something very big and very contemporary-modern
like our doors can also be very very warm at the point
at which we interact with them.

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