Pivot Door Problems

APRIL 20, 2022 | Published in GUIDE

Are pivot doors practical?

What are the disadvantages of pivot doors?

Common problems associated with pivot doors are explained and addressed in this article

Pivot doors are renowned for their impressive size, movement, and ability to make a statement. There is more to consider beyond just aesthetics when selecting a pivot door company for your project. Structural integrity, installation, and value all greatly contribute to the longevity and experience of the front door. Most pivot doors commonly have problems such as a complicated installation process, warping, and the need to assemble multiple components.

Invasive Floor Drilling

Almost all pivot doors include an invasive installation procedure. This includes cutting and drilling into the subfloor in order to install the pivot hinge. Post-tension concrete slabs often interfere with installation when drilling into the foundation of a house.

For homes located in potentially precarious locations such as mountainsides or near the ocean, pivot hinges drilled into the floor may cause problems down the line. A slight change in the ground where the hinge is drilled into the floor may cause misalignment. In severe cases, safety and operability become compromised.

Proprietary pivoting technology eliminates floor drilling

Unlike any other company, Modern Steel Doors has developed proprietary pivoting technology that eliminates floor drilling altogether.

How is this possible? Our pivot doors are designed, made, and shipped as one comprehensive unit. These pre-hung doors live within their door frame and do not require the laborious assembly of different components on-site. Pivot doors which arrive ready to install are unprecedented and represent a highly evolved design.

Wood Warping

Warping is a common issue in not only pivot doors, but all doors that are predominantly made of wood. Exposure to the elements can cause wood to bend and distort over time. This is why many door companies refuse to make large wooden doors.

Warping is both an aesthetic and functional risk. Above exposure to humidity, the fundamental reason that doors warp is that wood is not a structurally reliable material. Wood is not ideal when it comes to structural integrity and durability. Therefore, warping is all but inevitable when using a wooden jamb or an all-wood door. Although a stunning material, using wood incorrectly can compromise the longevity of the door.

When it comes to our doors, we do not ask wood to do what it cannot. We understand that wood is good at being aesthetic and that metal is good at being structural. Our wood pivot doors feature vertically stacked hardwood planks encased by a structural metal frame. Wood is used as a contained accent, as opposed to a framework. This composition drastically reduces the potential for warping and cracks. When combined strategically, wood and metal complement each other in a powerful way.

Outsourced Components

Pivot Doors are typically made up of components from various manufacturers and assembled at the job site. Seamless integration is limited when combining components obtained from different manufacturers.

Seamless joints and solid tones are possible through in-house production

Custom Door Pull Fabrication

Nothing works better or lasts longer than something that was specifically designed for something else. All of our door components are made in-house specifically for our products. This makes smooth operation and top quality control possible.

Moreover, many pivot doors are held together by screws. Screws are prone to loosening over time and visibly protrude from the surfaces of the door. Our doors, instead, are flawlessly welded together at every joint. Additionally, different components from different manufacturers typically mean subtle variations in color. Using all of our own parts allows us to powder-coat the entire door the exact same color. Smooth edges and solid tones make for a sexy and uniform appearance.

Structurally and aesthetically superior, our doors are the ultimate statement piece.


Pivot doors carry the reputation of being high-end and expensive. They do indeed generally cost more than conventionally hinged doors for a few key reasons. First, pivot doors have the ability to be larger than traditional doors. Therefore, they typically are. Popular in modern and luxury home design, pivot doors serve more than just a functional purpose. These doors are built to make a statement and turn heads. High-end materials such as exotic woods or special glass may also contribute to the cost. Moreover, additions such as sidelights or designer hardware are also considerations.

Understanding that dream doors can sometimes be out of budget, we launched an economic line pivot doors that allow clients to enjoy the same designs and technology at a lower price. The Builder’s Series line of doors reduces the price by cutting out unnecessary features where possible. To the eye, a Builder’s Series door is nearly identical to a regular MSD door. Learn more about the Builder’s Series here.

Homeowners should not have to choose between aesthetics and functionality

Modern Steel Doors has made efforts to master both aesthetic and operational design. Highly evolved pivot door technology enhances homeowners’ entryway experience for decades to come.

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