How to Choose Your Door Pulls

FEBRUARY 16, 2022 | Published in HARDWARE

This guide will help homeowners navigate how to choose front door hardware.

Identify the Goal

Door pulls should meet the demands of both function and aesthetics.

The door pull is front and center on the home — the focal point. It is the first and last interaction with the home. This design detail heavily influences the overall spirit of the space and transforms the entryway. While some homeowners prefer minimalism, others seek to make a statement.

Your door pull should contribute to the vision for the project. Consider the concept and essence you seek to create with your space. Design choices such as finish, length, and form all affect the final look. High-polish finishes are luminous and eye-catching, while darker finishes are minimal and sophisticated. Moreover, high-texture door pulls are tactilely captivating, while smooth finishes feel sleek in the hand.

Making an impression at the front door is critical. In many cases, the front door represents the drumroll for the rest of the home. High-polish, textured, and twisted door hardware draws the eye to the door and stands forth as a focal point of the home. Reflective and dynamic, such door pulls create an unforgettable tactile and visual experience for the user.

Sometimes, a reserved and sophisticated look is sought after. Simple and high-quality materials make for a solid and impressionable door pull. Full-length minimal door pulls create a simple, poised, and sophisticated impression. The round, black powder-coated door pull is a timeless classic suited for any entryway.

Assess the Space

Let the home choose the door pull.

After the vision for the door pull has been identified, the next step is to assess the context. The front door and adjacent surroundings profoundly influence the final look of the entryway. Considering both the interior and exterior entryway spaces of the home is important. However, the first consideration should be the details of the door itself.

The front door is the backdrop to the door pull. Is your door wood, glass, or metal? Is the finish warm-toned or cool-toned? How tall is your door? Accents are made possible because they stand out from their surroundings. Hardware with a darker finish will stand out in front of a lighter finish. Additionally, an extremely simple door may call for a very interesting, and outstanding pull.

The next consideration is the interior and exterior spaces immediate to the front door. Surrounding furniture, decor, lighting, and landscape are all important factors to consider. The pavement or flooring on either side of the door also plays a role in the overall ensemble. Wood in other parts of the home may invite a wood accent as the door pull.

Every detail interacts with one another and should not be skimmed over. Considering your goal alongside the space makes for a thoughtful and intentional experience.

Consider your Options

Your front door pull is one of the most pivotal decisions influencing your home’s first impression. Material, shape, texture, finish, and length are all part of this decision. After identifying your goal and assessing the space, you are ready to begin designing your door pulls.

The first choice is material. Metal door pulls create a cool and sleek appearance, while wood door pulls introduce organic warmth. Different wood species have a unique tone, grain, and appearance. White oak, for example, creates a soft and light-toned appearance. On the other hand, walnut wood features rich dark tones and a flowing grain. Metal and wood door pulls alike create a memorable impression.

The next consideration is shape. Door pulls may be either square or round in shape. Both shapes create a distinct feeling in the hand and produce slightly different looks. Most door pulls are one-dimensional, extending upon a single plane. However, introducing a subtle bend or twist creates additional interest and an unexpected look.

The door pull is where the hand meets the home and texture marks the tactile memory of the user. Sculpted by hand, no two of our door pulls are completely alike. Each facet, serration, and mark is the result of careful craftsmanship. Texture gives the door pull personality and a creative edge.

Blackened or polished, the finish of the door pull is a pivotal choice. Polished finishes brilliantly reflect light and draw in the eye from afar, while blackened finishes bring out the texture of the pull. A polished finish combined with certain textures, such as the Serrated Pull, interacts brilliantly when hit by light.

Finally, the length of your door pulls is the last decision. Long modern front door handles that extend the full height of the door create length and parallelism. 

Consult with a Design Expert

Consulting with a design expert ensures the greatest success of your space.

Your front door pull is one of the most pivotal decisions influencing your home’s first impression. Material, shape, texture, finish, and length are all part of this decision. After identifying your goal and assessing the space, you are ready to begin designing your door pulls.

Exploring multiple possibilities and options allows your project to reach its highest potential. Discussing goals, preferences, considerations, and price points all make up a design meeting. Design expertise combined with the clients’ vision is ideal.

We made our collection of front door handles with our clients and their homes in mind. Each pull was uniquely inspired and intently designed. Exceeding homeowners’ vision for their space is a norm.

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