How Much Do Pivot Doors Cost?

MAY 27, 2022 | Published in GUIDE

Are pivot doors expensive?

The factors that contribute to the price and value of a pivot door are broken down in this article.

Pivot doors have the reputation of being expensive and high-end. This type of door is generally more expensive than conventional doors. The standard industry price of a pivot door typically begins at around $5,000. However, the sky is the limit when it comes to pivot door prices.  The following factors make up the price of a pivot door.

Price Factors


The hinge placement on pivot doors supports much larger dimensions than that of conventionally hinged doors. Because pivot doors can be larger than regular doors, they typically are. Homeowners seeking to make an impressive entryway often opt for larger-sized front doors. Larger doors, of course, tend to be more expensive than normal-sized ones.


An icon of modern design, the pivot door has been characterized as high-end innovative. Pivot doors have a unique appearance and operation that captivate the user. Unlike your everyday door, pivot doors carry great aesthetic appeal. In both the open and closed positions, pivot doors create a stunning presence. Homeowners aim to elevate their homes with statement pieces such as a pivot door.


The architectural materials used to make a front door influence the cost. While some clients stick to the basics, others seek to incorporate unique and high-end materials. Whether it be bulletproof glass or exotic wood species, the materials of choice impact the overall price of a pivot door.

Custom Product

Pivot doors can be sold off-the-shelf in large quantities or be custom-made. Certainly, custom pivot doors made to the exact specifications of the client will cost more than “big-box” retailer products. While both have their advantages, custom doors may be ideal for remodels or high-end projects.

Additional Features

Clients often add on features to personalize and underscore their home entryway all the more. These may include hardware, smart locking mechanisms, and sidelites.


Door pulls may be the best way to transform new or existing entryways. Clients seek to introduce a focal point to their entryway with statement door handles. A simple and powerful add-on, this feature is an easy decision for most homeowners. Learn more about our collection of door pulls here.

Smart Locks

Smart and electronic locking systems are also a popular feature that clients add to their pivot doors. Enhancing functionality while maintaining a sleek appearance is the goal. Learn more about our lock upgrades here.


Clients may also choose to add sidelites or a transom to their pivot door. These add additional visibility and frame the front door in a grand way. Our sidelites and transoms live within the frame of the door and do not require additional installation.

The Cost of Cutting Corners

The most expensive cost involved with buying a pivot door may be that of cutting corners. Buyers sometimes set out to find a look-a-like of their favorite design for a lower price from their “local guy”. Not only is this mission long and involved, but homeowners often end up with far less than they bargained for. Whether it be poor workmanship upfront or issues down the line, cutting corners may end up being more expensive. The front door and first impression of your home is not the place to pinch pennies. When all is said and done, the last thing you want is to step back and feel regret.

No one wants a knock-off

The Builder's Series

No one wants a knock-off. That is why we developed a cost economic line of pivot doors featuring all the same designs. Clients can now get the pivot door design that caught their eye at a lower price. By simplifying certain features, we are able to bring down the price of the door while maintaining superior functionality and design. Learn more about affordable pivot doors here.

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