Aluminum Pivot Doors
Steel Pivot Doors

Common questions 

  • What are the differences between an aluminum pivot door and a steel pivot door?
  • What is the best type of pivot door?
  • Why do steel pivot doors cost more than aluminum pivot doors?

The way in which the component parts of a door are brought together greatly affects the structural integrity of the door. While aluminum doors are mechanically assembled, Modern Steel Doors are welded. Let’s take a closer look at the monumental difference between aluminum vs. steel pivot doors. Aluminum doors are held together by internal parts and screws scattered throughout the door. These assembled joints are inherently misaligned because the two components being brought together remain as two.

Alternatively, fabricated joints start as two components that are then welded together to form one. The result is a perfectly aligned and structurally reliable door.

The method of construction affects the longevity of the door.

The method of construction additionally affects the longevity of the door. Corners assembled with screws loosen over time, causing sagging and misalignment that is difficult to fix without taking apart the entire door. On the contrary, fabricated corners can never loosen because they have been welded into one piece.

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