raw steel double pivot entry door made of metal panels with round stainless steel door pulls and sidelights

3 Horizontally Paneled Corten Double Door with Round Brushed Stainless Pull & Sidelites

Corten (A606) is often referred to as weathering steel. Corten steel does not need to be painted because of its ability to form controlled corrosion. Regular steel is converted to rust over time with water and oxygen. Corten allows rust to form in order to generate a protective layer of rust. In other words, Corten rust is protecting, however, steel rust is disintegrating. Rust without disintegration is an ideal material to use for sculpture and architecture. Having said all this, it is also beautiful to look at. A Corten steel front door has the best of both worlds. In coastal and highly humid areas, please consult with a local finish authority on the feasibility of this product in your region.

Corten may take years to develop an identity tailored by its environment. But, who says you can’t buy time? Modern Steel Doors (MSD) has an answer for those who like instant gratification. MSD has developed proprietary methods to accelerate the Corten rusting process. Our Corten steel front doors arrive beautifully rusted. Over time mother nature handles the finishing touches. The Corten cladding on these paneled exterior steel double doors is also available unfinished. In which case, weathering is left completely to your environment and time.  In other words, your Corten door can be an artwork in progress.

Corten cladding is applied to the exterior and interior faces of the horizontal paneled door. Cladding may consist of single large sheets or a combination of seamed smaller sheets. When single sheets are used, the emphasis is placed on the door’s markings.  Some clients prefer the use of individual panels. The seams, in-between the panels, are usually oriented horizontally. The Corten cladding can also be used in lieu of glass or wood backgrounds on many Modern Steel Doors. Your Corten steel front door can stand on its own or complement other Corten features used in your home. Corten doors have their own individual fingerprint. No two doors are alike.


  • These exterior steel double doors feature a two-sided door design. This door design can be combined with other door designs that have the same yin-yang symbol. Different interior/exterior door designs and hardware can be combined. See Compatible Wood Doors