Twisted or Bowed Polished Hardware

Door pulls are the focal point of the entryway. A subtle twist or bend in the metal pull adds dimension to the front door and creates a brilliant glimmer in the light.


Polished Twisted Square Serrated

The Modern Steel Doors Hand-Sculpted Serrated Door Pulls are an amazing addition to any door. Add the newly available Twist to the linear pulls and produce a higher level of aesthetic intrigue. Like its predecessor, each groove is meticulously sculpted with a hammer & chisel by our highly skilled artisans. The serrated surface on these polished metal door pull handles consists of thousands of grooves—no two grooves are identical. Specify the pulls to be the same height as the door and prepare yourselves for endless compliments, as they will be quite the conversational piece. See how to order.


Polished Twisted Square Crater

Inspired by the lunar surface, the Crater Hand-Sculpted Door Pulls result from a child’s dream. Whether it was Neil Armstrong in 1969, a man on the moon, or even a cow jumping over the moon, we can all relate to the stories of this astronomical body orbiting Earth. Many have reached for the stars, however, you can reach and touch the moon. As with all of our polished metal door pull handles, each groove is meticulously sculpted with a hammer and chisel. Adding a twist to straight polished pulls creates an undoubtedly sophisticated statement. See how to order.


Polished Bowed Serrated

A hug, handshake, or even a fist bump, we all love an opportunity to touch the ones we love. We all love our homes. The Modern Steel Doors Hand-Sculpted Bowed Serrated Door Pulls extend themselves to welcome you home. These polished pulls are entirely handmade and have a personality of their own. Each groove is meticulously sculpted with a hammer & chisel by our experienced craftsmen. The serrated surface is made up of thousands of grooves. No two grooves are identical. These polished metal door pull handles produce an unforgettable three-dimensional impression when the door is perpendicular to the jamb. See how to order.


Polished Bowed Crater

The Polished Hand-Sculpted Bowed Crater Door Pulls are a functional piece of art. These metal door pull handles elevate any door design by being the focal point of a relatively simple door design or playing a supporting role in a door with an ornate design. Our experienced artisans meticulously sculpt each groove with a hammer and chisel. Each surface comprises thousands of grooves, producing pulls where no two grooves are identical. See how to order.

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