Raw Steel Metal Door Video

May 19, 2021 | Published in VIDEOS

Raw Steel is unlike any other finish. Dimensional and unique, this door skin makes any entryway unforgettable. Watch the video below to learn more.

Hi, let's talk about this metal pivot door. This metal pivot door is about
four feet wide and seven feet tall. It’s a little on the smaller side for a
pivot door so it most likely goes on a remodel.
Let's talk about the finishes now. The finish on this door is a black.
The door skins are the interior and exterior door skins. They have been cladded
with a Raw Steel skin. The Raw Steel has been powdered coated with
our clear powder coating. This clear powder coating prevents the needed
for maintenance that's normally associated with non-finished door skins.
It also slightly darkens the Raw Steel and it gives it a very subtle modeling.
So rather than it being very apparent modeling, it's more subtle and it changes
depending on lighting, the time of the day, and how you walk by the door.
So it’s very nice, I like that.
The door pull on this is our Bowed Powder Coated Pull. It’s rectangular,
it runs the length of the door, and it has a very subtle bow in the middle.
So it starts close to the door, it bows out to about 10 inches, and it tapers down.
I like this pull because it introduces a curve into a very linear door.
It also changes depending on where you’re standing relative to the
door and when you open and close it.
The lock on the door is a mechanical lock and it's been
finished in satin black so it matches everything.

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