Combining Pivot Doors Video

May 19, 2021 | Published in VIDEOS

Learn how to incorporate similar doors in different places of your home to create consistency and points of interest throughout. Explore our blog to learn more about combining pivot doors.

Hi, I'm J.Cruz and today we'll be reviewing how to combine
multiple pivot doors on the same project.
We've had many clients ask, “How do I combine multiple pivot doors?”
For instance, “I know I want my front door to be big and dramatic
and I also have a casita that's a smaller door,” like this door here,
“and I want them to be cohesive.”
So here are a few guidelines. First and foremost,
the front door is the driver, so give the front door what it's looking for.
In this project, we utilize two methods to create contrast between the front door
and the adjacent casita door. For the front door, we use size,
as the front door is five feet wide, and the casita door is four feet wide.
That's one foot wider, however, the impact is huge.
The height of the front door is nine feet tall and the casita door is eight feet tall.
The combination of a wider and taller door for the front door
creates a very dramatic difference from the smaller casita door.
The second method of contrast was the material used: metal vs. glass.
Glass provides ambiguity between the interior and exterior
and encourages the interaction between the two.
Metal clearly defines interior and exterior and they are separate.
While these two doors are very different being all metal and
all glass, they work together wonderfully. They've provided cohesion, a nice
contrast, and a beautiful way to impress and invite visitors at the casita.
If you'd like information on how to combine more than one
pivot door on your project, please give us a call.
We'll provide guidance and make sure that not only your front door
is a huge success but also any adjacent doors as well.
Thank you very much.

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