How Does A Pivot Door Work ?

The front door represents the drumroll, the first impression, and the transition into intimate space. A pivot door is the only door capable of enhancing the purpose and effectiveness of the front door. The defining design feature of a pivot door is the hinge mechanism. In contrast to conventional doors, the hinges of a pivot door are located above and below the door. Traditionally, a door hangs off of visible hinges located at one side of the door frame. This vertical placement of the hinges on a pivot door permits the weight of the door to be distributed directly to the floor as opposed to through the door jamb. When the weight of the door is upheld by the door jamb, unreasonable stress is put on the jamb, and thus sagging occurs. However, the unique weight distribution in pivot doors permits larger, heavier, and more impressive doors. How does a pivot door work? Watch the video below to see one in action.

Front Door Designer Front Door Designer Image Map

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