Local VS National

"Experience is what we get when we don't get what we wanted." (Pausch)

Due to pricing, homeowners often seek proposals from a “Local Guy” or their “Builder’s/Architect’s Guy.”  Because of proximity, this person is granted a certain level of credence. Pivot doors are difficult to build and more difficult to ensure they seal.  However, there are some questions to ask to make sure they are capable of delivering a quality piece:

  1. How many of these have you previously made?
  2. Why have you remained local?
  3. Do you engineer your own door designs or copy others?
  4. Are all of the images on your website your own work?
  5. Is your company self-sustaining and highly organized?


Have you heard of the saying “The devil is in the details?”  If not, it simply means that things are not as simple as they appear.  Modern Steel Doors has earned, and maintains, a reputation for uncompromised quality.  We’ve had other companies copy our work, replicate our Order Forms and even use our images on their websites.

The lack of acuity which “inspires” imitation, is incapable of understanding that “The devil is in the details.”  Meanwhile, the client, must and will, accept all risks, if and when, the final product falls short of the goal.

Great products travel the world because they are beyond compare. True ingenuity finds no reward in replicating the work of others.  Rather, innovation finds its muse by exploring, creating and breaking barriers. These are the qualities that constitute our front doors. With some reflection, it becomes apparent why the “Local Guy” has remained local.

We are an entry door company - it’s all we do.  If you are seeking an uncompromised aesthetic engaged with superior quality, please do not look any further.  Modern Steel Doors is a small company with a big company approach. Our systems and protocols, developed from over thirty-five years of existence, ensure very predictable and reliable products.  There is a definite value to this. How much value does it bring to you?

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