residential contemporary exterior door made of glass and metal with handmade door hardware and sidelights

Crosshatch Single Door with Dough Cutter Pulls & Sidelites

The Crosshatch pivot door design is exclusively offered by Modern Steel Doors. This design may be used as a single door with or without sidelites. Vertical and horizontal members, of the Crosshatch design, intersect on the inactive side of the door. The inactive side of the door is the side where the door is hinged and the active side of the door is the side where the locks are located. The pivot point nearly coincides with the vertical member of the design and creates an interesting visual effect as the door opens and closes.

Rainbow Bronze metal cladding was used for the design background. Cladding is insulated with high-density polystyrene which separates the inner and outer cladding sheets. The insulation creates a thermal and acoustical barrier. Dual-pane tempered glass creates a similar thermal and acoustical barrier. There is various metal cladding material to choose from. A cladding material can be chosen to compliment other architectural features of the home or simply based on the aesthetics of the door itself.

Most Modern Steel Doors include door length pulls however this door has a unique Dough Cutter pull. The vertical member of the pull resembles the shape of a dough cutter used to make bread. The shape and placement of the Dough Cutter pulls complement the front door design more appropriately than door length pulls. The actual length of the pulls is contingent on each door. Modern Steel Doors ensures that every design is attractive and has unique features that are not available anywhere else. That is why each door is designed by our very own front door designer JCruz.

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