Are Pivot Doors Secure ?

We understand that the safety of our loved ones is important. Inherently, any door built from metal is the safest and most secure option for the front door. Most front doors are secured by the honor system, as they are structurally weak and easy to breach. Metal is the superior building material when it comes to security. In cheap wooden doors, metal is often incorporated to add security and reinforcement. The nature of an all-metal door is that it cannot be broken down. The metal door frame and jamb are what make our doors very secure. Each jamb is anchored to the king studs with 3” long screws placed every 12”. The combination of metal and proper anchoring creates even greater security in our reinforced entry doors.

Modern Steel Doors uses our proprietary custom-built mortise lock or Baldwin Locks to secure our front doors. These sophisticated deadbolt locks do not offer only aesthetic appeal, but also the utmost safety. For additional security features, the Baldwin Evolved smart lock offers advanced operating technology. See how it works. Learn more about our pivot door locks here.

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